Finally, an Australian Yoga Teacher and Mum who knows what you need to look and feel better...

I firmly believe that mothers need a yoga practice to assist with the postnatal recovery process both for themselves and their babies. The YogaYin DVD provides the complete package, poses and relaxation techniques for body, mind and soul. Sectioned into chapters for mum and baby, easy to follow, down to earth and presented in a beautiful and nurturing style. I highly recommend this DVD and I believe that yoga is fundamental to peace of mind for mother and baby.
Anne Digby, ND, RM, Midwife and Women's Health Naturopath

“Get Your Body Back!”
Regain Your Energy - Lose Your Post Pregnancy Belly - & Soothe Your Baby Toward a Restful Sleep.

The YogaYin Postnatal Mums & Baby DVD is designed for mothers and babies from six weeks. This rejuvenating yoga class will give you more energy, tone your body and provide intimate time with your baby.

Pregnancy and Postnatal Women’s Yoga Health Specialist and Mother of Two Young Children, Allannah Law, Gives You:

  • A Yoga Practice to overcome fatigue & regain energy to get you through the day (and night!)
  • Techniques for integrating your baby into your yoga practice and enjoy the bonding and immersive connection you create with your baby
  • Post-pregnancy exercises that will balance your endocrine system (hormones) and repair your metabolism
  • Easy yoga techniques that help you retain a sense of wellbeing and calm as your body undergoes the changes back to a normal metabolism after pregnancy
  • Ways to soothe and bond with baby while aiding her digestion to send baby toward a peaceful sleep

I love Allannah’s “Mums and Bubs” DVD!

I hadn’t realised how tight and stiff my body had become, with all the lifting, carrying and breast feeding, exacerbating existing neck and shoulder issues. I always feel so much better, more relaxed and energised afterwards. Even 15 minutes makes a big difference.

I love the way Allannah’s DVD is divided into sections. If time is short or interrupted- as it often is with a young baby - I can simply choose to do, say, the closing whole body relaxation – wonderful- or the yoga for babies section, which is beautifully done and a lovely way to spend time with your baby. If my little girl is asleep, I can simply skip that section and continue with the practice.

As I said at the start, I love this DVD and cannot recommend it highly enough!

Jennifer King.

Included in this wonderfully crafted DVD are the lessons Allannah has mastered over the many years of her yoga practice and teaching. Her experiences have been distilled from the years of teaching thousands of pregnant women and mothers with babies in her popular yoga classes and from the feedback of many more mothers practicing her DVDs and Youtube videos around the world.

By ording Allannah's DVD:

  • You’ll have a yoga routine specifically designed for postnatal mums that includes exercises and postures that restore core abdominal and lower back strength
  • You'll have exercises that target those difficult areas - tummy, thighs and bottom - restoring firmness and shape to your body
  • You’ll learn an easy to master, scientifically proven, progressive muscle relaxation technique that restores the mind to calm and helps you relax into a restful sleep
  • You’ll have yoga postures that cleanse the stress hormones from your body to leave you feeling energized, relaxed and full of pure vitality
  • You’ll practice the exercises that flush retained fluids from your body to assist weight loss
  • You’ll discover a yoga routine that increases your endurance by building your body strength

Yes, I want to order the YogaYin Postnatal Mums & Baby Yoga DVD for $29.95 plus shipping


Dear Mum,

As a mother of two beautiful children (now 6 and 2 years old) I am very aware of both the joys and challenges of having a new baby. I have been teaching Mums and Baby Yoga classes since 2005 now and in that time it has been my privilege to help hundreds of new mums get their body back, find peace of mind and improve their energy levels.

I also understand how difficult it can be to attend classes with a new baby. Countless times mothers have signed up for my yoga classes only to have their baby extend their nap times, come down with an infection or cold, or cry throughout the yoga class and therefore destroying any peace of mind for the mothers.

With this in mind I have recreated my Mums and Baby Yoga Class so you can practice at home at your leisure.

Allannah Law

YogaYin Postnatal Mums & Baby Yoga Contents

The DVD contains four chapters so that you can choose what you want to do in your own time:

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Yoga For Mothers
  • 3. Yoga For Baby
  • 4. Closing Relaxation

Yoga For Mothers

  • Regaining Your Figure; aiding safe weight loss and body toning
  • Rebuilding Your Energy Levels; so you can function even if you are sleep deprived
  • Relaxing Your Mind: So that you can find the peace and come needed to enjoy your new baby

Yoga For Baby

  • Calm crying or fractious babies
  • Improve the length and quality of their sleep
  • Assist their digestive systems
  • Develop the bond between you and your beautiful baby

Dear Allannah,

Thankyou so much for your DVD. The thing I love the most about your DVD is that I feel that you are giving me permission to relax and spend some time on myself. As a mother of a 14 month old, that permission means the world! Your personal touches make this DVD a truly delightful part of my day.

Thankyou very, very much.

Romney Taylor

Yes, I want to order the YogaYin Postnatal Mums & Baby Yoga DVD for $29.95 plus shipping


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